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Liberty Haze (Barneys Farm) :: Cannabis Strain Info - Liberty haze is a cross of G13 male with a fast flowering Chem Dawg 91. Liberty Haze has both Indica and sativa characteristics with one perfect talent.- a fast flowering time. (8 to 9 weeks). A medium tall plant with substantial girth and big fat ca Liberty Haze Cannabis Strain Info | Strain Spot Liberty Haze cannabis by the kings of haze strains Barney’s Farm, is a hybrid cross of G13 and a ’91 Chemdawg that took first place in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Liberty Haze produces above average yields of lime flavored buds. Due to it’s very cerebral Haze qualities, Liberty Haze is superb to use for stress and depression. Liberty Haze | Chronic Therapy Liberty Haze is a balanced marriage of Chemdawg (the legendary strain responsible for favorites like Sour Diesel and OG Kush) and G13 (equally famous strain tracing back to the late 1960s.) The result was the easy Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011. Its THC content tests as high as 25% and a medically relevant CBD content of 2% makes it Liberty Haze Marijuana Strain Review – GrowingMarijuanaTips.com

LIBERTY HAZE. Liberty Haze is a Marijuana sativa with 25% of THC concentratiion and with a delicious refreshing MARIHUANA CBD CRITICAL CURE 

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Liberty Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds - Pacific Seed Bank Fast to flower with a fresh, citrusy flavor, Liberty Haze marijuana seeds are a fan favorite for obvious reasons. Expect an energetic, creative high that won't leave you hanging from this indica-dominant hybrid that is popular among recreation and medical proponents alike. Liberty Haze - Barney's Farm - Zamnesia Barney's Farm - Liberty Haze: un hybride exotique étonnement puissant. Un croisement entre deux variétés à l'histoire longue et compliquée : la variété à floraison rapide Chew Dawg 91 et G13, qui d'après la rumeur est le résultat des expérimentations de culture du cannabis top secrètes de la CIA dans les années 1960 et 70.

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Liberty Haze wächst hervorragend sowohl Indoor als auch Outdoor. Die langen dichten Blütentrauben nehmen in den letzten Wochen einen erheblichen Umfang ein und produzieren eine Vielzahl dichter Blüten in einem schönen rot- und lilafarbigen Blütenkelch. Der Buzz wirkt sofort und lang anhaltend, welcher einen euphorischen zerebralen Effekt hervorbringt. Dieser Stamm hat einen ausgeprägten zitronigen Geschmack und Duft. Labortests bewerten den THC-Gehalt mit bis zu 25%. Liberty Haze Strain - Hybrid Cannabis Review, CBD, THC, Terpenes The well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain Liberty Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011. It produces buds that are lime green and coated with lots of trichomes and red pistils. Liberty Haze's scent is of musky earth and undertones of skunk with a taste of pine and fresh soil. THC levels