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PTO On BB’s OCBD - Ivy Style PTO On BB’s OCBD. April 13, 2013. Derek at Put This On has done a wonderful piece on the history of Brooks Brothers’ oxford cloth buttondown: Not to be wistful about days gone by, but there is something uniquely special about these “Golden Era” ox Men's Oxford Shirts | Brooks Brothers Iconic, authentic and all-American, the original button-down oxford shirt from Brooks Brothers is the embodiment of quality and versatility. With genuine details like our signature rolled collar and softened placket and cuffs, these shirts combine style and comfort unlike anything else in your closet. Frugal Trad: The $25 Target OCBD With Rear Collar Button

23 Apr 2014 Early on in my days of dressing in shirt, tie, and sport coat (long before this blog existed), OCBDs were my shirt of choice. As I dove deeper into 

Where in the World is OCBD? While this is not my official retirement post. I do want to let everyone know that I will not be posting regularly for the time being. I don’t know what the future of the Oxford Cloth Button Blog is (I have a few ideas), but I want to thank you all for your encouragement, participation, … The Best Oxford Shirt (OCBD) Guide You'll Ever Read |

What type of rig would prompt you to wear a pinpoint oxford button down shirt versus an OCBD? I know at least for a suit, but what about other rigs? I have an event this Saturday evening and I plan on wearing a Brooks Brother sports coat (one made of a very smooth Italian wool) along with

25 Oct 2012 The White Dress Shirt Dilemma (WDSD) refers to the issue that many many white dress shirts Many oxford cloth shirts will do what you want. #acornfabrics #bespoke #shirt #cotton #fabric #shirting (at Acorn Fabrics (Cumbria) This royal Oxford has been on the cutting bench quite a lot recently- great  8 Aug 2011 shopping appointment in an ancient L. L. Bean tweed jacket, a forest-green crew-neck sweater, a blue button-down oxford shirt from J. Crew,  4 May 2018 An Oxford shirt is/looks definitely more casual or less formal than a say regular dress shirt (cloth, buttons in collar, overall appearance, pocket. 14 Feb 2016 One can easily make it casual with a pair of sneakers, t-shirt, and a leather A fine striped pale blue oxford shirt keeps it business appropriate.

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The OCBD originated in England with polo players using buttons to keep the collars of their shirts from flapping in the wind during the game. When the fashion made the jump across the pond Brooks Brothers became the dominate authority—and still are today—on the OCBD. So why is the OCBD so important? It’s the quintessential American casual The OCBD Shirt Series, Part V: The Reviews – Put This On The OCBD Shirt Series, Part VI: Reviews and Conclusion. Our series on oxford cloth button downs started with a short history of America’s most beloved shirt design, and then covered two sets of reviews for contemporary makers.