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A slang term for cannabis, typically used to describe the drug-type of cannabis plant grown to produce varying psychotropic effects in users. Once cultivated  This compendium of drug slang terms has been alphabetically ordered, and identifies drugs and drug categories in English and foreign language derivations. The NoSlang.com drug slang translator contains a comprehensive list of drug slang words. Great for parents, teachers, law enforcement, and teenagers. Slang Dictionary: Drugs Lyrics: • Ayo / • Arnold Schwarzenegger / • Bar / • Bird / • Bob Marley / • Bud / • Buddha / • Callie / • Cannabis / • CES / • Chronic  Possibly the most popular collection of English slang available online, now A red hot fragment of cannabis that occasionally fall from lit cannabis cigarettes. 12 Oct 2016 If you are a parent, teacher, counselor, police officer, or just want to be informed, it is good to keep up to date on some common drug slang. 31 Dec 2018 So, what came first, the cannabis or its slangs? What the heck is marijuana, and which of these names are “good” words for cannabis and 

Marijuana slang and ganja vocab: submit your stoner jargon, browse We are compiling an open source dictionary of every cannabis-related term and phrase 

female-marijuana-plant · fire-weed-marijuana · fire-it-up-weed-slang · four-twenty-slang-term · funk-marijuana-funky · g-pen-marijuana · ganja-marijuana-slang. Drug Slang Dictionary. http://www.noslang.com/drugs/dictionary. A. 8 ball – Malt Liquor; In drug terms, an eighth of an ounce. a - LSD. a-bomb - Marijuana  22 Dec 2019 Stoned definition is - drunk. How to use 2 : being under the influence of a drug (such as marijuana) taken especially for pleasure : high. 22 Mar 2019 Hip hop music's dictionary uses a variety of slang terms that have changed as hip hop itself has evolved Check it, my weed smoke is my lye 30 Jan 2020 Does talking to a stoner sound like Chinese? Here the most updated 420 slang terms of 2020. ALIAS: adj. (urban slang) dangerous, violent BLACK UP: smoke some weed -Someone would ask "you Black up today?" meaning did you smoke weed today?

brecky-Classic slang for after-surf breakfast. Example: “Let's go in and contra-gear-The product some surfers get specifically to trade in for weed. Example: “Yo 

ALIAS: adj. (urban slang) dangerous, violent BLACK UP: smoke some weed -Someone would ask "you Black up today?" meaning did you smoke weed today? The following is a list of Chicano slang words and expressions, known as Caló, also spelled "Calo" bote (literally: "can") jail or prison; also, a lid of marijuana. 29 Mar 2019 Oxford English Dictionary asks teenagers to explain modern slang for crack cocaine, pebs for heroin and amm, cro and tweed for cannabis. These are located at the end of the regular slang dictionary under a separate 1854: A seedy-looking old negro, with a brick in his old hat, and a weed 'round it. In the Eastern Cape, a semantic hotbed of slang, often pronounced 'brorr', 'bree', 'bra' (same as underwear), 'brah' and Marijuana, dope, ganga, cannabis.

Slang words continue after advertisement babies deez nugget t up bammer weed profane blazing the kind cypress hill hey man spism kronic drow huff sherm 

27 Jun 2019 New Zealand (NZ) Slang & Sayings: The most popular slang from New ball of a weed to inhale through a bottle with the arse end removed.